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Improved Confidence

Mental coaching helps you build confidence both in yourself and your skills.

Increased focus

Through mental training techniques, you will gain better focus and concentration skills.

more resilience

With mental coaching, you will learn how to be more resilient and cope with failure.

decreased anxiety

Mental training teaches you tools to handle your nerves and overcome performance anxiety.

increased motivation

A mental coach will help you understand what drives you to succeed.

positive self-talk

Mental coaches work with you to overcome negative thinking and build positive internal dialogue.

Improved Mental Toughness

All of these benefits and many others combine to provide you with stronger mental toughness. That is the ultimate product of working with a mental performance coach.

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At Success Starts Within, you will gain valuable skills that will help you in sports, school, your profession, and life. We focus on developing actionable habits that will work to strengthen your mind and overcome any mental blocks you may have. 

Here you will find articles that cover all topics related to performance psychology, along with one-one-one coaching for those interested in building your mental toughness and elevating your performance.


Eli Straw, MS – Mental Performance Coach

Eli Straw holds a Master’s Degree in psychology with a sport psychology specialization and is working towards a doctorate in the field. Eli brings a proactive and applicable approach to mental training. He believes that repetition is the key to success and so it is no different when it comes to mental training. Eli’s philosophy is to make mental training a habit that becomes part of your daily routine. That is how he believes lasting change can be created. 

Eli has experience playing baseball at the collegiate and professional level. His background has provided him with first hand experience of the struggles faced by athletes and those wanting to perform well. He has witnessed both the ups and downs of sports, and understands the impact competition can have on your mind. By working with a mental performance coach himself, Eli was introduced to a field he fell in love with. Now, it is his passion to teach and help as many people as possible improve their mental strength so they can achieve success, whatever that may look like for them.